Materials and Jewellery care

Our Quality Promise

At pequitobun, we mainly use 14K gold-fill and solid 14K and 18K gold in our designs, combined with carefully selected vintage pieces and top-grade gemstones

Gold-filled jewellery contains a thick outer layer of gold: 5% of the total weight of the metal. This is 100 times more gold than gold-plated and vermeil jewellery. Using gold-filled metal is a cost effective way to get the beauty of gold without the price tag, and gold-filled jewellery should last a lifetime if properly cared for. Because of the thick layer of gold, gold-filled jewellery is hypoallergenic.

Please note that most of our pieces include carefully sourced antique or vintage components. Due to the age of these pieces, some age-commensurate wear should be expected, and they will not (and should not!) look brand new. Where there is excessive wear or damage beyond the expected, I will mention this in the description.

Jewellery Care

Handle jewellery gently. Avoid wearing jewellery when swimming or taking a shower, and ensure cosmetics and perfume are dry before putting on jewellery. If your jewellery gets wet, pat them dry. When they are not being worn, store jewelry in separate compartments of an airtight box or in separate bags, to avoid scratches. Jewellery can be regularly taken care of by cleaning with a jewellery cleaning cloth and/or washing gently with mild soap and water and patting dry. See more details here.